Main St. Eats: Wallflower Modern Diner

First let me say that I do plan to return to the Wallflower Modern Diner. However, my first visit to the diner had its ups and downs.

Sunday morning, post Robbie Burns Party haze. A group of us are gathering for brunch to build our strength for the day.

Although we are all still mourning Aurora Bistro, we decided to meet at the Wallflower Modern Diner, which took over Aurora’s spot on Main St.

They’ve made some nice changes to the space, it’s fresher and works with the diner theme. We walked in at 11:15am, the place was already 2/3rds full, but people were eating and happy. A nice buzz around the joint.

We sit, we order, we wait. And wait. The restaurant fills up completely. I think the new kitchen (just opened 2 weeks ago) was slammed – it was an amazingly busy crowd for a new restaurant. Anyways, about 75 minutes later, our food arrives. Hamburgers made with beef and pork (“well seasoned, but a little dry”), fries (“warm, but needed more time in the fryer”), Clubhouse sandwich (“on white bread, not the whole wheat I wanted”), and a veggie hash (missing its toast).

Now, you might be wondering, why would I return?
– To be understanding, the kitchen was slammed. They deserve a second try under easier conditions.
– Service was friendly and apologetic. Enough for us to feel sympathetic and wait patiently, even though a couple people were suffering!
– There was potential in the food. I think the Wallflower will work out its kinks and be a good, inexpensive spot for people to grab a bite on Main.

– Good Neighbourhood Joint
– Inexpensive
– Worth Trying…in a couple weeks or so

For more:
Wallflower Modern Diner Website (just a map right now)


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