Gastown Eats: Lunch at the Salt Tasting Room

I dropped by Salt Tasting Room for a light lunch today – was the perfect yum for lunch.

For those unfamiliar with Salt Tasting Room, it’s different from you typical restaurant. The restaurant does not have a “proper” kitchen and instead specializes in artisan and gourmet cheese, cured meats, and wine.

When you go to the restaurant you order a plate comprised of 3 meats and/or cheeses, each accompanied by a condiment. You can choose your own, or let the restaurant select for you. For lunch, they also offer a soup and a couple toasted sandwiches. Your typical plate is $15. Pair that with a glass of wine and I’m a happy girl. If you’re not drinking, Salt also makes these “fizz” drinks with a fruit puree and sparking water.

To me, this is the perfect lunch. Several slices of flavourful meat, a wedge of cheese, all with some bread, mustard, nuts, and fruit. Light and satisfying.

The only catch: its location! Salt’s official address is 46 Water St, but you actually access the restaurant down blood alley in Gastown, near Carrall & Cordova St. At night, it’s a dark looking alley, but if you walk half way down, you’ll find Salt, lights shining through the clear glass and simple decor. It’s like a beacon – you can’t miss it. And it’s worth the detour down blood alley.

Salt Tasting Room
Blood Alley, Gastown
(604) 633-1912


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