Gastown Drinks: Six Acres Pub and Restaurant

I just returned home from having some beer and eats at Six Acres Pub and Restaurant.

I like this place – it has a nice vibe and room. Beautiful brick walls, and warm wood furniture and surroundings. It’s a nice, down to earth place around all the more polished restaurants nearby.

The claim to fame for Six Acres is their beer selection – over 40 bottles of beer. The small downside – no beers on tap. We had a few bottles of this oatmeal stout from Mendocino County. It was good and I am very relaxed.

We also snacked on some cheesy popcorn (ok, but not great), hummus (very yummy), and a banana split.

Six Acres is a great place to grab a beer and catch up with friends. Food is fine, but I would probably be at Six Acres before or after dinner.

Six Acres Pub
203 Carrall Street (Gastown)
Vancouver, BC
V6B 2J2


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