South Granville Eats: Rangoli

The best place to eat around South Granville is, bar none, Rangoli. Here’s why:

1. The casual sister restaurant of the famous Vij’s, Rangoli lets anyone enjoy the best Indian food in town WITHOUT the line-up of Vij’s.

2. Everytime I walk in, I take a seat, order a chai, and automatically relax.

3. You can buy the restaurant’s food in freezer friendly packs to have at home when you don’t have time to cook. Make sure you buy some naan bread for the freezer too. You can also call ahead for pick-up.

4. Service is excellent. Attentive and always willing to refill your water, chai, and rice/naan with your main.

5. The pricing. Starters are $8.50-9.50 each. Mains are between $12.50-$16.00. A bargain for what you’re getting.

My favourites:
– Savoury Chaat: Wheat crisps with potatoes, sprouts, chutney & yogurt. Trust me on this – it’s delicious
– Tilapia with vegetable rice pilaf in a tomato and cilantro broth
– Goat meat and jackfruit curry

I just returned from dinner at Rangoli earlier this evening and I already feel like returning. Yum.

Rangoli is open seven days a week from 11am – 10pm.
1488 West 11th Ave (@ Granville), Vancouver

PS: More on this in a future post, but the line-up at Vij’s IS worth it. If you have the time and extra cash, go there instead or in addition to Rangoli.


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