Main St. Coffee: Caffe Rustico

I’m a big fan of our local coffee chains like JJ Bean or Caffe Artigiano, but there’s something about those truly small independent shops that appeal to me.

I stopped by Caffe Rustico tonight with my hubby for a late night coffee – a real treat.

First, the owner is charming and welcoming. You feel like you’re coming into his home. You choose from about 15 different sizes of coffee cups if you’re drinking at the caffe, and there’s a great selection of biscotti and other treats. I ordered a cappucino with an almond biscotti. Along with my cappucino, they also made me a little espresso con panna “on the side” for dessert. Two coffees and a biscotti? I’m happy, and rather awake!

The caffe also has a big selection of sandwiches, pasta, and pizza. Stop by for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a shot (or two) of coffee.

Caffe Rustico is located at 16th & Main, 3136 Main St.
Open daily from 8am-10pm

Caffe Rustico 3136 Main Street @ 16th Ave


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