Downtown / Crosstown eats: Cafe Medina

I stopped by Cafe Medina today and was reminded that in additon a to doing a good americano, they also do breakfast, lunch, and brunch on the weekends.

Cafe Medina is run by the same owners and kitchen as ever popular  Chambar and you can certainly see Chambar influences on the menu.

The menu at Cafe Medina is more unique than your typical lunch & breakfast joints. Things like spicy Morracan meatballs, or a light breakfast of a boiled egg with tomatos, proscuitto, avocado, good olive oil, and bread. And of course, Cafe Medina and Chambar are famous for their belgian waffles, with your choice of yummy toppings from yogurt to lavender milk chocolate.

Everyone love the waffles at Medina. They are good, but I do find them hit and miss at times. Most times, they are light, crisp, warm, and delicious. Perfect. Today, they were a little tough to be honest. But, they still tasted good and I was in a hurry and wasn’t about to say much. I did hear the lady next to me say “they’re not crispy!” That said, perfect or a little less than perfect, they’re yummy.

Weekend brunch can have line-ups, so show up early, or be prepared to wait. They use their back room as well for lunch/brunch, so don’t shy away from the small looking front room – the room in the back sits more people and is beautiful (I like it way more than the front room).

Cafe Medina
556 Beatty St.
Vancouver, B.C.


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