Kitsilano Eats: Patisserie Lebeau

Waffles are good. And I am lucky enough to live by the best waffles in town.

After a spirited food adventure on Granville Island today, my friend and I opted to bypass the long line at Go Fish and dropped by Patisserie Lebeau for a snack.

They had lots of samples out (and I think my friend ate half of them!), and we ended up sharing a couple waffles:

1) Classic Brussels Waffle with poached pears and caramel sauce
2) Savoury waffle with green onions and cheese.

The waffles here are light, crispy and fresh. The perfect snack or light meal. You can also by them pre-packaged and frozen for home.

Other items include: chocolate croissants, rice pie, apple pie, salads, baguettes, and more. They sell out of baguettes fast, so stop by in the morning. The whole place is a big yum. Plus, after your waffle you can go to Les Amis du Fromage and Barbara-Jo’s  Books to Cooks for more foodie fun.

Patisserie Lebeau
1728 West 2nd Avenue, Vancouver


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