Downtown Spas: Breathe Spa

I never thought I could love facials so much until I discovered Breathe Spa.

Breathe Spa is a boutique style spa that just moved into a beautiful space at 464 Granville St (b/w Pender and Hastings).

What makes the facials so extraordinary? Well.

First, it’s a full 2 hours long. And while they follow the 2 hour time frame, you never get the feeling like they’re watching the clock. For $140, a 2 hour facial is rare at spas. Usually facials are closer to 75-90 minutes.

Second, it’s an AMAZING 2 hours. First, they give you water/tea, a warm foot bath, and sit with you and discuss your skin. Next, you’re on the bed and your face is nicely cleansed and massaged.  While the cleansers and masques are penetrating your skin, they get to work on relaxing you. Long and lovely massages of your neck, shoulders, arms, hands, feet, legs. You’re completely relaxed as they move into the least fun part of facials, extractions. After the extractions, it’s back to relaxation time again. More masques and “facial stuff” (as you can see, I’m very technical), and more massage, including a longer rub of your neck, upper back, and shoulders. Then, a final masque that sits for about 15 minutes – I usually doze off at this point. Finally, they take the final mask off, and give you a scalp massage. And THEN you’re done. It’s the best 2 hours ever!

Here is the actual description of Breathe’s Signature Facial from their site:

2 Hours of complete bliss. Prepare to experience the best facial you will ever have.

The Breathe Spa facials are individually tailored to each client’s specific skin care needs, and are performed with the highest quality, professional European skin care from Geneva, Switzerland – “Method Physiodermie Skin Care Line”.

The Breathe facial involves: Full skin analysis, Deep cleansing, Aromatherapy Steam, Extraction, Oxygenation and Hydration of skin, Active blends of creams and oils to rejuvenate the skin, Lymphatic drainage massage of the face, neck and shoulders, Gel based treatment mask, Foot and hand massage.

In addition to the signature facial, they’ve recently expanded the different types of faicals they provide. They also specialize in hot stone massages and pedicures. Manicures, Make-up, and Waxing are also availalbe as add-on services (ie. you can’t book a manicure, but you can book a manicure with a pedicure).

The owners, Victoria and Toby, are warm and amazing at what they do.  I always look forward to my visits to Breathe Spa. They manage to deliver on what a spa experience should be – a place to truly relax, forget about the outside world, and be completely pampered.

If you are a spa person, or want to try a spa, go to Breathe – they’ll treat you right.

Breathe Spa
464 Granville St, Vancouver


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