Vancouver Good Weekend Afternoon: Go Fish, Beer, and Granville Island

Late afternoon on a grey-ish Sunday afternoon. Walking to Granville Island in the light rain and Go Fish has no line-up! On a weekend afternoon, this is a rarity. I am thankful for the rain. At Go Fish I grabbed a cod tempura tacone, based on a famous salmon tacone. Crunchy and refreshing with a kick of spice – the perfect snack.

After the tacone, my hubby and I walked into Granville Island and were feeling thirsty, so we dropped by Granville Island Brewing for some Winter Ale. Next, onto the Net Loft so I could check out the newest outpost of Dream Apparel, which specializes in Canadian made designs. Some really great items at the store, many on sale too…but I managed to resist this afternoon. I’ll be back.

Okay, back to the task at hand – buying food for dinner! We walked into the market and were distracted by Lee’s Donuts (you need to get a Lee’s donut every time you’re on GI!) and bought a few honey dips. THEN we scurried around picking up food and took a lovely walk home along the sea wall.

An unexpected lovely Sunday afternoon in Vancouver.


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