Kitsilano Eats: DB Bistro Moderne

I finally made it over to DB Bistro Moderne this weekend for the first time.

My friend and I arrived at 2:25pm, 5 minutes before they stopped seating for weekend brunch – whew!

First,  I just LOVE how different it looks from the Feenie’s days. Finally, that big furry thing of lamp in Feenie’s old dining room is gone. I never got that piece of decor.

Anyways, back to DB Bistro. Beautiful, open room with a red/black colour scheme. Elegant yet trendy. I give DB the edge on decor over Market.

I wanted to eat the burger, but I was not feeling the need for so much beef that afternoon, so I perused the menu for other options. I ordered the Caesar Salad with chicken while my friend opted for the Duck Poutine Lyonnaise (duck confit, cheese curds gravy, potatoes).

The food comes and it’s great. Simple food done right. The chicken with my salad was incredibly flavourful and tender, and the salad perfectly dressed with Caesar dressing. I have to say, I think this is now my favourite Caesar in Vancouver (my other favourite is the to-die-for grilled Caesar at Cru, but it is incredibly rich that I can only justify it on occasion). I snagged a potato from my friend’s duck poutine, which he deemed fantastic…rich and yummy. I’m also wishing I ordered some pomme frites as I saw some at another table and they looked good.

My friend and I were deep in a gossip session and had nowhere to go, so we ordered dessert and coffee. I loved my dessert – an exotic fruit sundae with coconut sorbet and a pineapple cream. Light and refreshing.

By now, it was about 4pm and one by one every member of the staff came into the dining room, each holding a different plate of food for the staff meal before dinner service. We took that as our cue to leave and headed back into the sunshine.

Service was excellent, professional and gracious. I never felt rushed, even though we were the last people in the restaurant for brunch service.

I’ll be back to dinner. I’d go back right now if I could!

DB Bistro Moderne
2551 West Broadway, Vancouver (@ Larch)


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