About Vancouver Good

Hi there! I’m Angie Schick and I spend all my spare time eating and shopping my way through the city. I started Vancouver Good to give advice on where to eat, shop, and visit in Vancouver.

The primary focus is on independent restaurants and shops where you’ll have an experience unique to the city. I expect a lot (just ask any of my friends!), and I will always post honest thoughts and recommend places that I would go to anytime.

For locals in a restaurant or shopping rut – give my suggestions a try. There is so much more to the city than your standard chain restaurants & stores (you all know which ones I’m talking about).

For visitors to Vancouver – we have a full range of options from bad, to average, to amazing. I’m going to focus on the amazing. When I travel, I’m always researching different places to eat and shop. I HATE, HATE, HATE wasting my money and time on a place that is a tourist trap or just not good. I’m targeting my content to help you discover the good stuff.

About the name Vancouver Good: It’s an homage to my two dear friends V&J. Every day, we write an email to each other saying “Morning Good!” So, the name for this blog was a no brainer.